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A "RARE" Sneak-Peek at my 1st Game! ;)

11/02/2014 11:34
 ALMOST THERE! Here is the 'final' version of my game's Main Menu. I've almost completed the ALPHA stage of its development, with the main menu's sounds, copyright text, images and logos, all-set. ;) Next, I'll be focusing primarily on gameplay 'features' and 'polishing'. - Wahib Yousaf. P.S....

I'm Testing a Polar Bear game on my iPad2! ;)

08/02/2014 15:29
Yep, you heard RIGHT people! I'm testing an 'endless-runner-survival' type game that features a Polar Bear in a Winter setting. The game is currently being developed by Angler Fish Games: Please LIKE, +1, SHARE: Tweet,...

I'm LEAD Q.A. TESTER with "LitFuse Games" developers' studio!

20/05/2013 20:14
I'm looking so forward to this opportunity. For the next 6-months, I'll be testing  one of their upcoming games. Since it's still in [PROTOTYPE] stage, I cannot reveal any details. However, I'll take this opportunity to hone my own skills and knowledge of the video games industry. You can...

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