Hi, fellow gamers! ;)

Wahib here. And I want to show you this Bespoke Font I've created for my spin-off of the hit 70's arcade game, '1943'.

My own game is called 1945: Punjabi Remix, and it will feature scrolling-shooter style dog-fights across 2 different battles, both close to my heart.

The 1st as you know, is based on the British involvement in the War Against Adolf Hitler.


But what you DON'T KNOW: is that the Muslim Defense League, which founded the I.R.P. (aka "Pakistan") - also lended their fathers, brothers and sons to aid the British Empire in the fight against Evil.


During this time, they also fended off forces in India who were opposed to aiding Great Britain, in World War II.


For the purposes of my game, all-or-most of these conflicts will involve Air Battles.

However, this game is still in a heavy ALPHA development stage, and changes may be made to it.

                            - Wahib Yousaf.