This is a simple step-by-step walkthrough guide for a 'Survival' game called "Don't Starve". 


1. The main objective of the game is to STAY ALIVE for as many DAYS as you possibly can by maintaining 3 aspects of your 'well-being': HUNGERHEALTH and SANITY level. Also, there is also a 4th (Hidden) aspect called "Naughtiness", and this will be looked-at later in this guide.

2. The goal of this walkthrough-guide is different to the one above, however. Since this is a "PS4" game and we're going to focus wholely on TROPHIES - for 2 game modes: "Sandbox Mode" and "Adventure Mode".

3. In the 'context' of this guide, (R.T.F) means "Real Time Fomat" (i.e. real-world time) and (V.T.F) means "Virtual Time Format" (i.e. game-world time).

4. The required gameplay-time is as follows:-

- *Day 1 (V.T.F) = 7 Mins. (R.T.F). Every Day there-after is +1 Min. longer than the previous "Day".

- Then the 'gameplay-time' RESETS at the start of every 7th Day.

- This means that 6 Days (V.T.F) = 57 Mins. (R.T.F).

*For this reason, at the start of Day 7 (V.T.F), you should take a "REST" and save your progress by pressing: OPTIONS -> SAVE&QUIT -> I SAID QUIT.

Before you press "START" you'll see some customisable options.

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