In total, there are 7 Surface terrains (including Ocean) and 6 Ruins terrains (including Abyss). For now - though, we'll only look-at the "Surface" terrains:-


This terrain covers most of the "World" and prevents the player breaking-out of the game-world. It may also sometimes act as a "Border" between 2 different terrains. Note: "Flint" can sometimes be found at the "edge" of a terrain - near "Ocean" territory. But otherwise, it only spawns at random positions in "Meadow", "Quarry" and "Oasis" territories.


Meadows are light-green in colour, and they contain:

Evergreen Trees, Berry Bushes, Saplings, Flowers, Carrots, Rabbits, Rabbit Holes and Bee Hives. Occasionally, they may also yield Grass and Killer Bee Hives.


Savannahs are yellow-coloured and filled with:

Grass, Rabbit Holes and Beafaloes. Note: This is the only location where you can find "Manure" (a.k.a. "Beafalo Pooh").



Forrests are dark-green terrains that consist-of:

Evergreen Trees, Saplings, SinkholesGraves, Pig Houses, Spiders and Spider Nests. Note: You can only find "Maxwell's Door" in this-type of terrain.



Marsh terrains are purple.

They are harsh environments that are home to various "Swamp-Monsters" such as:

Tenticles, Nerms,Spiders and Spider Nests. Note: This is also the only terrain that contains "Reeds".


An "Oasis" is a terrain which has a small "Quarry" at its centre -

surrounded by a "Meadow" on 1-side, and a "Forest" on the other. *Note: This is the perfect-place to build a "Fire Pit", as it's got plenty of ALL the necessary materials for the most important Craft-Items.


Even in a "Default World Size" game, Quarries are massive rocky terrains.

They contain 3-types of "Boulders":-

1. Gold Vein boulders; brown, that can be mined for "Gold Nuggets", "Flint" and "Rocks".

2. Rock boulders; grey, that can be mined for "Flint", "Nitre" and "Rocks".

3. Flintless boulders; these only provide "Rocks". Note: These areas can also be home to:

Spiders, Spider Nests, Tallbirds, Tallbird Nests and Walrus Camps. So "Watch-Your-Step!"

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