Okay, so let's get started. You will always begin on a patch of grass like this one.

The terrain it is located-on is generated randomly, each time you play a New Game.

Objective: Unlock all XP-required unlockable characters.

Time-taken: Approx. 7 Days (in-game time) / 30Mins. (play-time)


1. Collect these materials: x3, x3, x12, x10 and x10.

2. Highlight the TOOLS tab, then: i) "Build Axe" and ii) "Build Pickaxe".

3. Highlight the DRESS tab, then: "Build Garland".

4. Access the  "MAP" by pressing the TOUCHPAD on your PS4-controller, and find at least 1-of-each of these terrains: Map.


*a) Sometimes even a Default-sized world can seem too big to find everything. So, IF:

i) your Hunger and/or Sanity levels drop below 50%, then: collect 2xLogs and 3xCut-Grass. Then highlight the FIRE tab and choose "Build Campfire" from your task-bar. Finally, highlight any food in your inventory-bar, and choose "Cook Food" to restore your levels.

ii) you don't find all the different terrain-types in the first 7 Days (in-game time), then press the "Options" button on your controller to Save&Quit. Rest-your-eyes, and continue-later.

*b) I must mention 2 landmarks which are very useful, if found: Ponds and Worm Holes. Ponds can be used for Fishing, and they attract Frogs - which can be killed, cooked and eaten. Worm Holes can be used to Fast-Travel between large, wide-spread terrains. However, they also Drain Sanity by 15-points, every time you use them. Keep your Sanity levels above 50% before-and-after using a Worm Hole by: Picking Flowers, building a new Garland, and by eating Food.

5. Collect 2xLogs and 12xRocks.

6. Highlight the FIRE tab and choose "Build Fire Pit". Note: It would be wise for you to build your Fire Pit somewhere central - between 2-3 major terrains. Specifically near a Meadow or Oasis terrain, with lots of Berry Bushes, Carrots, Evergreen Trees, Saplings and Boulders. If any of these terrains is too-far away from the others, then try to place your Fire Pit close-to a Worm Hole that transports you close to it.