If you've previously played the game with its 'Default' World options, then you may think: "O-M-G, this is Impossible!". However, I'm going to show you how to make it EASIER by changing: Only-5 options.


Change the the following options:

1. "Lightning" to "None". So that your FARM(S) and BERRY BUSH(ES) don't catch-fire during a "Lighting-Storm" and burn-down! And you save materials wasted on a "Lightning Staff" this way too.

2. "Day" to "Only Day". This is so that: i) You won't get attacked by MONSTERS at 'Nighttime', and ii) You can keep moving on, without wasting LOGS and ACORNS to light a "Fire".

3. "Land Branch" to "Never". This way, each "TERRAIN" (e.g. Meadow, Savannah, Forrest, Marsh, Oasis and Quarry) is centred in only-1 location on the World's "Map". This will make it simpler-to-collect each material to build things.

4. "Land Loop" to "Never". Doing this will ensure that each terrain leads-to-another, instead of making you "go around in circles".

and finally,

5. "Hounds" to "None". As these are the only monsters that try to "hunt-you-down" - every 6th Day after you make: a Fire Pit, a Science Machine and an Alchemy Machine, you're best-off leaving them out of your play-session. ;)

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