"SpecialEffect" charity:

24/03/2013 20:22


- Helping Children with Disabilities - to be able to 'Play Video Games',

that they may not ordinarily be able to play, due to their 'limiting-circumstances.'


I have made a Donation myself, which was mentioned in the official "Train2Game-News" BLOG here: train2game-news.co.uk/2013/03/13/train2game-news-train2game-student-running-for-specialeffect/

I am also participating in the BRITISH 10K LONDON MARATHON, as a participant of the "SpecialEffect" team. You can DONATE and FIND OUT MORE on my Donations-Page: www.justgiving.com/wahib-yousaf


DISCLAIMER:*All donations go straight to "SpecialEffect", who help kids and adults who cannot go out and socialise, learn or fulfill their desires, due to often 'Debilitating' disabilities, such as Paralysis (No Feeling of ...) or Complete Loss of Limbs. 

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