Catch the Clown!

A small P.C Game,,,,Built using Train2Game and Yoyo Games' Game Maker version 8.0's "Resources" and Software-program, Designed by my own hands using Paint-program....

GOAL: Try to Catch the Clown, using the <LEFT-MOUSE> button. 

You get 50Pts. for each CATCH! Beware of the BLUE CLOWN!!! He's Evil, and will TAKE-WAY 10Pts. from your OVERALL-SCORE(that is, -10Pts.), and -1 LIFE, out of a total of 5 LIVES.

As you keep catching the clown, it will MOVE-FASTER, making it harder-to-catch. Once, all lives are lost, the SCOREBOARD appears - and the game restarts. ;)